We are very excited to share with you that we’re releasing a new EP this summer. Following on from our last years offering ‘The Liar’s Chair’, the new four track EP will be titled ‘An Honest Way of Living’.


The band started writing and experimenting with new ideas back in the spring, and sees the first time that we have all written together as a collective since the arrival of new drummer Greg Zielinski, and bassist Lee-Anne Burgess. Once we had a handful of songs to make it out of the rehearsal room, we pounded them into shape through the demoing stages and premiered the title track and ‘An Honest Way of Living’ at our Underbelly show in Hoxton Square to a receptive audience. Partnering up once again with producer Pat Collier, who we started working with last year, we returned to his studio in South East London to make the record.


We told Pat that with this EP we wanted to explore the possibilities of injecting pacier, darker tones into the music to contrast our last single ‘Embers’. The shift from major to minor key has brought with it droning guitars, pulsating synths, and thunderous drums, while still retaining the icy riffs of Tom Cavanagh’s guitar work, the moody melancholic baritone of Andrew Glen’s melodies, and Burgess's glowering basslines.


With this collection of songs we feel that we’ve been chipping away at what’s already there and can’t wait to share them with you live.


‘An Honest Way of Living’ will be available on all the usual outlets iTunes/Amazon/Spotify in the New Year.